Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Introduction to the Fly Tyer Mike Blog

Welcome to the Fly Tyer Mike Blog. Through this blog, my podcast, social media platforms, and YouTube channel I hope to help you become a better fly angler. I am hoping to be able to use my skills and abilities to be able to help you tie better flies and catch more fish. I have been fly fishing and fly tying since the age of 16. I have targeted many species of fish on the fly, and continue to grow as a tyer and fly angler.  I am planning on creating a wealth of content through all these platforms, but writing is my favorite way to share my knowledge.  I feel I can influence the reader more through my words than an video.

I have plans to cover a wide range of topics under Fly Tyer Mike. Fly tying tutorials, fishing techniques, reading water, and locating wild trout are all on the list of topics that I will be covering. I would also like to incorporate some posts solely to answering my followers questions. I want Fly Tyer Mike to be a one stop shop for new anglers and tyers, as well as a place for the seasoned fly angler to learn a few things. One of the greatest aspects about fly fishing is that there is always something new to learn. You can become very proficient at one skill set, then shift your focus to a new skill to try and master. You can also become a great trout fisherman, then target another species. You may get bored of tying nymphs and move onto streamers, dry flies, or even musky flies. The possibilities for learning never really end.

I also hope to help raise awareness about the value of wild and native fish species that out waters provide. It is no secrete that I am addicted to these fish, especially native brook trout. The colors of a brook trout are very hard to beat. I want to show my readers that there are wild fish, all across our country, that some may not even be aware of. I want to promote a sense of adventure and want to influence others to get off of the beaten path. I want to help my audience break free from their normal way of fishing and try new things. I want them to build a foundation of fundamentals with fly tying and fly fishing and grow.

I want to invite you to join me in this journey and help me grow as an influencer. I want to hear about your successes and struggles you are facing in your journey of fly fishing. I can only hope that my blog posts and other avenues can accomplish these goals I have placed upon myself to help you become a better fly tyer and fly angler. I will do my best to provide highly educational posts along with a great podcast and YouTube channel for you to reference. Every word that I type within this blog will be from first hand experience, unless other wise noted, or taken from an interview. Every product I may review will be put through a gauntlet of testing before I put my "Stamp of Approval" on it. Every hook and other materials you see in my tying tutorials will have been tested and tried and true. I will also only post tutorials on flies that I have a lot of success with. I want to convey message to my audience that they will relate to and will not stride away from that.

Thank you for reading my introduction and I hope that you find my insights to be very helpful in your quest for knowledge.


Here is a link to my podcast that relates to this article.

Fly Tyer Mike Podcast "Who is Fly Tyer Mike"

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